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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Robert Pattinson converted to Islam


The vampire * Robert Pattinson

Entah tak tahu benda ni sahih ke tak . tapi macam sahih je .
akal dan minda aku tak sehaluan  , Akal aku mengatakan betul tapi hati aku sebaliknya .
siapa tak kenal si pontianak dekat atas ni ?
nilah pelakon filem twilight tu kan . * Edward
mmg handsome wajah dia mcm tak cukup darah je .*hahahahahaha
kiranya ni adalah perubahan juga kan , daripada tak ada sekarang robert , mungkin lepas ni akan ada artis hollywood nak mengikut jejak langkah robert kan ?

Malulah orang yg bukan islam pun teringin nak mendalami agama suci ni , tapi yg mmg dilahirkan dgn agama islam langsung tak nak Example : Barack obama , zayn malik and who else ?
Aku pun tak tahu cari sendiri .

Ni dalam statement ada mengatakan tentang robert pattinson

petikan di atas

Robert pattinson  , an actor that has amassed  18 million dollars has converted to islam  .
The news came as a shocker when he admitted it to Husagh presses in an interview with him.
Pattinson admitted  that it was  a hard  decision and was and this will be'extremely life changing'.

Pattinson found islam when he was touring LA during 2010 .There , he encoutered a masjid.
no one on the tour really knew about islam.At that point  pattinson  remembers' i was interested and was positive , i would research this and learn more about islam '.pattinson later decided to read the english translation of koran (Al-Quran) , the holy book of islam  to see for himself  if it truly was the word of god (Allah). "As soon as i read it , i realized 'WOW' , this is the truth remember pattinson .At this point his life , pattinson was seriously beginning to think about converting to islam , But he was busy  acting in movies and had no time to read and learn about islam . Then he encountered  the Koran (Al-Quran) again  while he was cleaning his house and became re interested in islam . He read more and eventually  decided he want to converted "At first i was scared that people would see me differently  , but i realized that this  was a huge decision and i couldn't hide this . i didnt want to hide my interest in islam but my agent told me that i should wait some time and think about it .i did that and i plan  to convert fully on saturday 'says pattinson . pattinson will go to a masjid and there he will be inducated  into islam .
All i ask is a support from family and friends . Assalamwaalaykum 'Says pattinson  as he leaves the interview .
Muslims around the world are very happy  to see a new member in to their religion .
Kashif Gaeen from pakistan  , says he is delighted  about the news  and hoped people will learn more about islam to show that islam is a peaceful  religion.
Emma watson one of the few people who knew about pattinsons interest in islam says  she is happy pattinson has found inner peace and wishes the best in his new religion .

*Segala ini dipetik dalam petikan diatas .

Let's see this picture , 

Emma Watson bertudung 

Waaa , gila cantik .

Anyway don forget to pray for our relatives in palestine =)
let's bring back the colours of life and freedom to gaza , 
They deserves to be happy and peace 

Sincerely Me 


Anonymous said...

is it true ?

Anonymous said...

betul ke nie ?

Anonymous said...

Alhamdulillah :)

Nadia Amir said...

i also dont clear about it :0

AnisZahra said...

Gambar emma watson tu edit rasanya. About Robert Pattinson converted to islam tu macam palsu pun ada. Try tengok tarikh newspaper tu, kalau betul dia convert islam, sure the whole media dah kecoh. :)

AnisZahra said...
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Anonymous said...

jgn mudah terpedaya dgn crite camni
kalo da convert,konpem masuk segala major web news

adoiii korg ni

unisza webuntu said...

media memg akan sorok berita cmnie...gmbr emma watson tu melampau edit